kimi sharma


brand strategist


Why make a brand pull its weight
when it can take flight


When it comes to moving a brand, wings are smarter.

This is the energy we work with.

The effervescence behind our brand strategies, innovations, and transformations.


Here, it all starts with activating the right dots from the cluttered market canvas.


We then connect them through strategic partnerships. To engage, synergise and multiply in strength.

We convert dots to lines: And lines mean movement.


think of us as brand hummingbirds


Independent in our process.
Sharp in our thinking.
Insightful in our communication.
Resourceful in our networking.


By the way, did you know when the hummingbird flutters its wings, they form the infinity symbol? Sounds surprising? We’re that.


about kimi sharma


As CEO and key strategist, her experience has given her a natural flair for lifestyle and luxury brands, and an instinctive pulse on international trends. Driven by her belief, ‘perception is reality’, Kimi Sharma reflects the competence and confidence to reinvent. Being everything from actress, CEO, brand ambassador, image consultant, and strategist, she knows the value of aesthetics, the depth of commitment, and the relevance of communication.


no cap. all feathers.


Our plumage is growing visibly vibrant with brands across the lifestyle, luxury and film arenas. From transforming an international chain of hotels in Africa, to developing and launching a dynamic fitness brand for the Indian market, to enhancing portfolios for beauty and fashion brands. Along with work on select projects with the respected marketing expert, Anil Chopra, we are country strategist for the Good Pitch India, made by Britdoc. Names that partner with us have come to discover that when a brand takes flight, it cuts through the chase.
Sounds clever? We’re that too.